My Musings

When the book breaks you

Warning, I'm going to be dramatic as hell in this post. If that's not your vibe, click off now. I promise you I won't be offended, or maybe I will. *Dramatic sigh* For the past two weeks I have been walking around my house like a zombie. Not because I'm exhausted or because Game of… Continue reading When the book breaks you

Round Ups

February Wrap Up

I know February is a short month but this one felt longer than usual. Is it just me or did it feel unusually busy? Book wise, it was a great month although, I am still experiencing buyer's remorse on the books I'll understand in a few. Let's start with the best thing to happen… Continue reading February Wrap Up

My Musings

Books I will buy this year

So we're two weeks into 2019 and I'm sure some of us are proud of ourselves for setting goals for this year and managing to stick to them for two whole weeks! Well done us! (I take praise however I can get it). If you read my last post, you will know that some of… Continue reading Books I will buy this year