2018 Round Ups & Resolution Checks

July Round Up & Resolution Check

July finish already?

2018 Round Ups & Resolution Checks

June Round Up & Resolution Checks

So half the year is already over? Great, 6 months left to make 2018 my year! *fist bump*. As it is the first day of July, it's time for my round up and resolution checks. Since we wrote off May, I'm happy to report that June was so much better πŸ™‚ Bookish Adventure First off,… Continue reading June Round Up & Resolution Checks

2018 Round Ups & Resolution Checks · Jus' Sayin'

May – WTF Happened?!?

Hey guys. It's the beginning of June so it's time for Rounds ups and Resolutions. Well buckle all the way up because lemme tell you...May was one for the books and not in a good way. If you've read my previous posts you would know how excited I was about May, it's my birthday month… Continue reading May – WTF Happened?!?

2018 Round Ups & Resolution Checks

March Round up & Resolution Check

March round up? Second week in April? Just go with it πŸ™‚ In March I had planned to read books from my ever growing TBR pile that I had gotten through Read Dis Instead, which if you don't know is a quarterly book subscription box service offered here in Jamaica. I believe they do have… Continue reading March Round up & Resolution Check