So it’s been awhile, almost a full year. Time really flies by when you spend so much of it talking and thinking about how busy you are.

It was really a discussion with a few friends about book reviews and maybe getting hired to write them that made me consider revamping my blog. I’ve been thinking it over for the past few days, what would I say to readers? What should I talk about? Am I going back to book reviews and bookish musings? The answer to all those questions is I really don’t know. I just know I want to write something, so here we are.

The past couple of weeks have been very overwhelming. In a short space of time, life as we know it has completely changed and not for the better. I’ve been on edge. For the first time since 9/11, the family business is looking at closing it’s doors. Our business has been open since 1979, it has been a constant in my life, it’s provided our family with pretty much everything. I know (I hope) it’s only temporary, that by August/September things will turn around but knowing that by next week I could be locking up and not going back, it hurts. It really sucks. *Le sigh*

I know this is a reality that many of us are facing right now. Everything is so up in the air, things change so quickly, it feels like you can’t plan ahead. I think what has made this nervousness take up permanent residence in my body is the not knowing. I just don’t know.

I think this is what I’m going to need this blog to be about now (not me waxing on about how scared I am, I’ll speak to a therapist and spare you all 🙂 ). I think this is going to be a way to use this new free time wisely. It’s going to be a way for me to feel connected to something, to ease some of my anxiety. It’s going to be a place where maybe I write about the books I’m reading and how they are really making me feel. How I’m not reading anything because my brain and heart just aren’t in it. A place to get away from the news and the doom and gloom and if I’m being brutally honest, the absolute stupidity. People really out here arguing with security about having to sanitize their hands before they walk into a store? Really? I digress.

My blog started out as one thing, a very narrowly focused book blog. It’s going to have to be more than that now. I’m interested to see where this goes.

2 thoughts on “Hey

  1. Welcome baaaaack! I’m so sorry to hear about your family business; wish there was some way to ease the anxiety and tension. And I too am interested in seeing where your blog goes from here. ❤

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