Decentred Lit – June Review

There’s a new book subscription package out here in the Caribbean and I am in love!

Shimmy Shimmy

Decentred Lit is a new Caribbean based book subscription service that offers quarterly, themed book packages. They ship island wide in Jamaica and also Trinidad and they hope to expand to other Caribbean islands soon. There are two package options, the Book Only package or the Full Package which comes with goodies related to that quarter’s theme.

Lucky me knows the “Head Cook & Bottle Washer”, Kaymara Barrett and this past year I’ve seen the hard work, time, research and dedication that she and the team have put into this service. I’m legit so proud of her not only for actually making this happen but also, this first package completely sold out! Y’all, they did so good, the bar is set high. I already told her that she set me up as I’ll never be able to purchase the “Book Only” option because as you, my dear reader frens know, I love stuff, all the stuff, gimme ALL the stuff!

What’s inside

This quarter’s theme is, A Dream Deferred and all the items included tie into the chosen book.

Be still my beating heart
  • Magnet from ThePinPalClub – Very cute magnet that says, “My identity is Valid”. When I get my whiteboard back I’m going to put this on it, it’s a nice little reminder.
  • Postcard by Loving Coconuts – Mine says, “You are unique and not everyone will appreciate you as you are. Value those who do”. I luv this but I never know who to send postcards to. I’m doing a giveaway soon so I think I’ll send this to the winner πŸ™‚
  • Literary Icons Pins by Diverse Classics – These are so cute! I got one of Toni Morrison and one of Lorraine Hansberry. Pinning them to my new tote bag immediately.
  • Stay Lit Matches by Posh Candle Company – Fanciest matches I’ve ever owned.
  • Sandalwood scented candle from From the Page – It smells divine and I obviously lit it with my Stay Lit Matches.
  • The Big Apple Mini Sticky Notes by Galison – The stationery whore in me is tickled.
  • Personalized Thank You Card – Loved this personal touch.
  • “Carry Mi Ackee Go Ah Linstead Market” Tote Bag – So creative! One can never have too many totes I say.
  • Bookmark– This one has the Jamaican proverb, “Chicken merry, hawk deh near” complete with a cartoon chicken and an explanation of the term. More points for originality.
  • Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn – *Insert loud, high pitched squeal here*. When I unwrapped this my stomach did a little flip thing. Kaymara got me so good with this one as I had been asking to borrow her ARC of Patsy for awhile now. Even right up to when I was en route to meet her to pick up my package I reminded her to bring it and she messaged me to say she had forgotten it. She’s sooo good lol! This was on my list of Most Anticipated 2019 releases so to actually have it and to have the UK edition whose cover is just gorgeous, I’m just a pleased puss. Honestly.

So here endeth my very biased review of my first Decentred Lit package. Is it worth checking out? Duh. It gets all the stars, all the praise, I have no negatives. Again, congrats to the team on a successful launch and I will of course be supporting in the future. If you missed out on the first box/bag, don’t worry as there is plenty of time to prep for the next one. Check out their website and Instagram for more info and always reach out if you have questions.

I’m off to enjoy my new stuff, til next time πŸ™‚

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