Where I’ve been…

So it has been about three months since my last blog post. Wow, time really does fly by fast doesn’t it? In case any of you were wondering, let me explain my hiatus.

In September, I officially became a Post Graduate Student! I was really excited as I had been wanting to go back to school for awhile to 1. Further my education and improve myself for new possible job prospects and 2. To feel like I was doing something new with my life as I admit, I had been feeling stagnant for awhile. So I did it, I was enrolled as student studying Archives and Records Management and it was going really well…until it wasn’t. For reasons that would take way too long to go into, things just began to go really left. I was doing my degree part time and online so I could still work. Unfortunately, my classes took place during work hours so I couldn’t attend the video sessions, the course notes weren’t being uploaded on time and the administration side was making things very difficult, like ridiculously difficult. They also weren’t doing their jobs and it almost jeopardized my entire degree and I wasn’t even 2 months in yet. Now, normally I would have, “swallowed the bitter medicine” but this was the same institution I got my Undergraduate Degree from so speaking from experience, I knew things were not going to improve. Plus, I was paying for this from my own pocket and it ain’t cheap. I work waaay too hard for my money to throw it away and the school was genuinely making me feel like I was throwing away my money. Eventually, I just couldn’t deal with the foolishness anymore so I am now (still) in the process of trying to withdraw from the programme. Sigh.

I had anticipated that my blog would take a hit due to being back in school because I was going to be sooo busy and that was true for the first few weeks. Then as things began to go wrong, I just wasn’t in the mindset to blog at all. Thus began the 3 month blogging slump. I didn’t feel motivated, everything I tried to write seemed lame to me so I would just delete it and say I’d try again later. Then I’d get upset with myself for giving up and I just felt like a mess. I made sure to keep up with my Bookstagram as much as possible as I do like taking pictures and engaging with people on that platform. There were some days where I just didn’t feel like doing that either. Saying I was demotivated feels like an understatement.

Last month I decided I had to snap out of it.  

Blogging and starting my Bookstagram was the first fun thing I’d done for myself in awhile and I was just letting it slip. I began looking at other blogs for inspiration, bought a book on blogging etc. and I’m determined to get back in the swing of things. I even bought a small notebook/journal and wrote a list of all the things I want to do and accomplish with this blog. I know I want to revamp it, find a good aesthetic, find my niche. I have to decide if I want to be very review based or do I want to explore other book related topics? I’m also toying with the idea of changing the name of my blog. I do like Miss Bibliofancy, it’s original but I’m looking at other options. Alli & The Books? Alli & Her Books? Not sure yet but I will by year end. I’m also considering moving the blog to another site, maybe Medium or hosting on both there and WordPress? Should I just upgrade my WordPress? Should I join Twitter (eye roll, I understand it’s important but ugh, I’m old lol). I would definitely love to be on some publisher’s and author’s radars be it for ARC’s or other opportunities. Do I increase my Caribbean focus, I am Jamaican after all. These are just some things I am considering. My main goal right now is to really give this blog my full attention and seeing what I can accomplish with it. 

I can’t promise that I won’t slip again but I know that I am going to do my best. I give credit for this attitude to Michelle Obama. I’m reading, Becoming and it is so good. That woman could sell me the shirt off my back I swear. Anyone else reading/read it? 

Til next time and I promise it wont be 3 months from now 🙂 If it is, Happy Holidays, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day and Reggae Month 😉


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