Read Dis Instead – August Box/Bag

Hey guys. I’m here with a review for this quarter’s Read Dis Instead subscription box/bag. Read Dis Instead is a bookish subscription service offered here in Jamaica. The books are always written by women of colour and the brawta items are made by local women. I always make sure to get mine because I haven’t been let down yet!

Read dis instead august
I love stuff!

This month’s theme is Pride as here in Jamaica, Pride Week is celebrated from August 1-7th. I think different bags got different books by queer women authors which is fun in case I ever want to reach out and borrow from someone else 🙂

What’s inside:

  • The Other Side of Paradise. A Memoir – Staceyann Chin
  • Bingo Love – Tee Franklin, Jenn St-Onge & Joy San
  • 2 Leather Heart Bookmarks by C’rellim
  • Journal Prompts from Witted Roots
  • “The Nourisher” all natural face mask from Goodie’s
  • Cookies from Jordan Personal Catering
  • Tote bag printed by Red Umbrella Printing

I love this bag! I didn’t get to go to any Pride Week activities this year because of work but now I get to feel like I have a little piece of it 🙂

I have had The Other Side of Paradise on my wish list for awhile so I’m happy to finally have a copy. You know those books that you feel you should have read but haven’t? This is one of those books for me. I’m also intrigued by the graphic novel, Bingo Love. I never really see those around or maybe I’m just not paying attention? It’s quite nice to see a graphic novel with queer female characters. Great to see the LBTGQIA community doing big things here in Jamaica. It almost makes me feel like we are progressing.

As for the brawta, I’m in love with the face mask from Goodies. I haven’t used it yet but I LOVE the name of the company and the slogan is, “Be a Goodie”. Yeeess Goodie!!! Raaaaaeeee! (Jamaicans and people who listen to dancehall music will get this). What made it even better is it came in a glass jar that they encourage the user to recycle. Yes, a local company encouraging environmental safety habits, win win. The little heart bookmarks are absolutely adorable too and I’m already using one of them cuz mi previous.

Read dis instead bookmark
So cute

My absolute favourite item is the tote bag. Guys, the tote bag. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw, “Excerpt from, The Gay Agenda”. I can’t wait to walk with it into a little ice cream place or cafe and pull out my copy of Erotic Stories of Punjabi Widows. People wouldn’t know what to say to me. I’l let you know how that goes. As for the cookies, nom nom nom!



Another great bag from Read Dis Instead. Seriously, they always do a great job and now I have even more local businesses I know to check out. Y’all subscribed yet?

Til next time 🙂


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