July Round Up & Resolution Check

Just like that, another summer month has ended and I didn’t make it to the beach once. It’s a damn shame. Let’s get right into this round up shall we?

Bookish Adventure

I did go on one bookish adventure and participated in one bookish event. The first adventure I went on was a book buying extravaganza! A book distribution company here in Jamaica called Novelty Trading Company Limited has a huge book warehouse in Downtown Kingston and they are getting set to move to a new location. As a result, they don’t want to have to move so much stock so they are trying to sell out as much as possible and they are selling these books for ridiculous prices. When I say ridiculous I mean RIDICULOUS! I got 17 (don’t judge me) for the equivalent of US$40.00 ish. *blink blink*. It gets better though. This sale is going on for the rest of the year so you know I’m going back right? Once a month if  I feel like it. I will do a more detailed post on the trip and the books I got later so I can give more info.

The bookish event I went to this year was the Jamaica Intensive Reading Clinic’s All Island Summer Reading Camp. I was a volunteer last year and I was excited to volunteer again this year. What happens is, for one week, the clinic organizes camps in different parishes across the island and we help kids develop their literacy skills. This year, we were able to get sponsorship and volunteers from places like the Sandals Foundation and the Jamaica Library Service. I was kinda bummed because I didn’t get to participate all week because of work but I had fun the days I was there. We had some really great kids and it was much more organized. Unfortunately, we didn’t have as big a volunteer turnout as we did last year which did cause some issues but nothing we couldn’t handle. As the event gets bigger and garners more support, I’m sure more people will volunteer in the future. Here’s hoping!

What I Read

I didn’t read as many books in July as I did in June because one of the books I read took me a little longer than usual. I didn’t mind though, it ended up being one of my favourite reads of the year so I’m glad I took my time.

  1. The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang PhotoGrid_1533139410258
  2. White Teeth – Zadie Smith
  3. Lilac Girls – Martha Hall Kelly
  4. The Keeper of Lost Things – Ruth Hogan
  5. Last Train to Istanbul – Ayse Kulin *

I really enjoyed all of these books and White Teeth was my favourite. Why was I sleeping on Zadie Smith? She’s one of those authors you know of and you know their stuff is supposed to be good but for some reason you haven’t read their work. I’m rectifying this as we speak.

As for Last Train to Istanbul, I started this book a few days ago as my July pick for the Penguin UK Read the Year Challenge but I haven’t finished it so that will obvi carry over into this month. Maybe I should stop saving challenge books until last…

Resolution Updates

  • Buy less books, read more of what I already own –  … HAHAHAHA!
  • More eBooks and audio books – No audiobooks this month but there is one I have my eyes on it’s just to decide if I really want it.
  • New Book Sources –  Novelty Trading Warehouse for the win!
  • Book goal – “My goal is to read at least two books per month”. Yuppers.
  • Reading Challenges – My chosen challenge is the Read The Year challenge by Penguin UK. The category for July was, “Travel anywhere in (or out of) the world with a book”. I chose, Last Train to Istanbul by Ayse Kulin. I didn’t finish it on time though.
  • Try a new genre – nope.
  • Read more Jamaica/Caribbean authors – Not in July, maybe August.
  • Look the part – Maybe August.
  • Organize and Donate – No but it needs to be done. Books on the floor ain’t always cute.
  • Blog love – I haven’t quit yet!

So that was July. Tell me how your summer is going and what you’ve been reading. Any summer recommendations?

Til next time 🙂



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