Just some responses to the question,”Do you really need more books?”

A person I don’t know from Adam or worse, a person who does know me, sees me with a book or books and they ask me, “Do you really need more books?”. First, I’m going to look at them sideways. Then, here are some of the responses they’re likely to get (depending on the day and my hunger levels).

Bernie Mac.gif
After I look at them like this…
  1. Yes.
  2. Define need…
  3. *Blank Stare*
  4. Are you buying it/them?
  5. Buy a book too and change your life.
  6. Do I need you?
  7. Who hurt you?
  8. Why is it bothering you?
  9. I like to support authors and businesses. Someone spent a lot of time and effort writing this book, the least I could do is purchase it and read it.
  10. There was a time when people like me (black, female) weren’t allowed to read. I don’t take this shit for granted.
  11. Biiiitch….
  12. Do I tell you how to live?

Favorite bookstagram responses:

  1. Hell yeah I need more books!
  2. Mind your business.
  3. Pardon me?
  4. Do you really need to get you some business? Survey says YES!
  5. Of course I do fool.
  6. I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life.
  7. If I didn’t need them, why would they keep printing them?

So in conclusion:


Okay, bye! 🙂

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